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Do you love creating IFS content and helping people? We do too!

We’re looking for IFS community members who are passionate about reaching the world and impacting communities. Whether you have books, meditations, exercises, courses, or other content, Sentur wants to help you spread your IFS message. We understand how hard it is to break through the clutter and spread content which is why we want to help.

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As a Sentur collaborator, we will help you extend your reach and impact in the IFS community. From paid advertising to organic social media posts via our Sentur brand channels, to a percentage of revenue from Sentur app downloads, we’ll help spread your messaging to the community.

How we help spread the word:

  • Exercises, courses, and meditations housed in the Sentur app for any app user
  • Social media paid advertising through the Sentur brand for your event or exercises
  • A dedicated landing page on Sentur’s website to house information about your event or exercise
  • Organic social media posts on Sentur’s social channels
  • Email blast to our database of app users

Appreciation and gratitude for your work:

  • Collaborator Compensation – % of App Revenue: As a Sentur collaborator, you’ll receive a percentage of the app revenue generated by app subscriptions shared amongst other collaborators.

What does it take to be a Collaborator?

To become a collaborator, there is one primary requirement:

  1. Level 1 IFS Training: To ensure that our collaborators have the knowledge and expertise to represent Sentur, we require that all collaborators complete Level 1 IFS training.

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to heal.

Sentur makes it possible even after hours.

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We believe EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to heal.  At Sentur we are building a vibrant community of people engaged in Self-led Self-Transformation and offer helpful tools for your journey.  Sign up below if you would like to receive access to our exclusive transformation toolbox.

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