Healing can happen after office hours

Sentur provides the IFS resources and tools your clients need to heal right in the palm of their hand.

IFS Practitioners

You believe in The Internal Family Systems model but it can require a lot of work to feel like you’re equipping your clients with the tools they need.

Your clients are already overwhelmed and you want to make it easier for them to succeed. Teaching them to track their parts, notice Self, and understand the IFS lingo is easier during sessions.

But your clients can struggle when they leave your office.

Your session time is limited and there’s only so much you can cover. You want to be able to help your clients heal and progress outside of your session time too.

Client progress can stall when they don’t have the resources they need outside of your office hours. You need a way to deliver the tools and support they need to heal without burning yourself out.


You became a Practitioner because you wanted to help people heal. You believe in the IFS model to help people connect to Self, unburden their Parts, and live a Self-led life.

 But you also know that healing can be a lot of work. It’s not a linear process. 

 You give your clients everything you can during your sessions.

You make sure they have all the tools and resources they need to continue making progress outside of your time together.

 But once they leave your office, it’s hard to know if they’ll be able to implement the homework you’ve discussed together. It’s easy for them to get off track and lose momentum on their healing journey.

Sentur provides the resources and tools your clients need for their IFS journey right in the palm of their hand. 

With Sentur, healing can happen after office hours.


Sometimes it can feel like it takes an entire session to check in with a client or simply identify a trailhead.

Sentur maximizes your session time for your clients (and you) by documenting all the various aspects of their inner world including Parts, Trailheads, Self-energy assessments, and more.  

Your clients will have more clarity and confidence entering sessions so they can quickly hone in on the most pressing piece of work during your time together.

Uncomfortable feelings don’t always happen at convenient times. 

Tools like the “I need support” feature and meditations for difficult moments are available anytime, anywhere. You can have peace of mind knowing that your clients have a wide variety of tools available to support them, even outside of office hours.


Connecting with their inner system in between sessions with you is a vital part of the IFS healing process. 

However, sometimes accessing the tools (a worksheet here, a meditation here, a book here, a podcast there) is a LOT to get coordinated on and can be very time-consuming. 

Sentur makes it easy to provide all the resources your clients need so you can spend less time coordinating the tools to support their journey and more time being with your clients


It can often feel chaotic for both you and the client as they take the journey inside.

Visualizations can help tremendously with externalization and unblending so that you and your clients can shift more easily from chaos to curiosity and clarity during and in-between sessions.

 Sentur makes it easier by offering clients the ability to quickly and easily produce fully customizable maps of their inner world and creates custom views by trailhead, age, body sensation, and more. 

With Sentur’s Activity tracker, your client can quickly access a visual timeline of what they have been doing to connect with their system, monitor their progress and goals, and gain clarity on their most healing activities.



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