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Hi, I’m Sarah Houy, Co-Founder & CEO of Sentur.

I’ve seen first hand how Sentur has helped my patients heal.

Having the ability to deliver the resources and tools my clients need for their IFS journey right in the palm of their hands has helped my clients continue to progress during and after their session time.

As a Practitioner, Sentur has also helped me to maximize my time with clients and to help more people without burning myself out in the process.

When you bring Sentur into your practice, you’ll not only save time and precious energy. You’ll help your patients transform their lives.

Schedule a call with me to find out how you can get started with Sentur.

Healing can happen outside of office hours.


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We believe EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to heal.  At Sentur we are building a vibrant community of people engaged in Self-led Self-Transformation and offer helpful tools for your journey.  Sign up below if you would like to receive access to our exclusive transformation toolbox.

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