Insights showcase your progress in data. You can isolate specific periods of time, preview your activity and a whole bunch of metrics that paint a better picture of your Self transformation journey.

Selecting a Period

To isolate a specific period of time for your data, tap either on the blue link specifying the period, or select a pre-defined period from the tabs below it. All data on this screen will adjust based on the selected segment

Your progress in numbers

The three circles at the top of your Insights page show you the general summary of your progress and activity.
Pink: Check-ins illustrate the total number of check-ins you’ve made during the period. Checkins are counted as “Updates” + “Guided Checkins” with your parts or trailheads

Yellow: The total number of Self energy assessments you made during the selected period.

Teal: Streak illustrates your personal best at consistently engaging with your system (Checkins, Assessments, Updates..etc) during that selected period.

ALL CIRCLES are tappable and a detailed list of activities can be viewed to see how the numbers were calculated

Self energy breakdown

This section shows you a detailed preview of the 8 qualities of Self energy. The dot-graph at the top shows you the average level of Self-Energy you’ve recorded throughout the period.

The bars below it show the average level of energy for each quality. The dark line on each bar signifies the alltime average, allowing you to compare your Self energy historically.

Average Activity

Sentur takes into account several factors (e.g. time spent within the app, how that time is spent, the amount of check-ins made, updates and others) to estimate your activity. This metric allows you to gain an overview of how active you are with your “internal system”. Tap the graph to see the drill-down of that activity data.

Closing your circles

As we work within our system, there are parts that we work with to get to know and build a connections. Trailheads on the other hand, we work with to lead us to parts of our selves that need us. The commitment you set with “Reminders” for parts or trailheads can be tracked under each by a measure of how many “Scheduled” appointments I planned vs “Made”.

Under MyCircle, we track ONLY the Parts or Trailheads that have a “Set” reminder for them.

In the example, above “My Circle” has 1 scheduled checkin with a part that hasn’t been done yet. The “Checkins” circle shows the total number of checkins with all the parts whether they have a reminder set or not.

ALL CIRCLES are tappable and a detailed list of activities can be viewed to see how the numbers were calculated

New & Top 3 Active

On this screen you can also see the newly added Parts or Trailheads under each section in the selected period and the Top 3 most active parts or trailheads during that period of time.