Parts Map

Sentur allows you to view your parts and their relationships visually using an interactive map.


You can navigate the map like you would any other navigation app. Simply move the map with your finger. If you’d like to focus on a specific part of the map, simply pinch to zoom in and out or pan to move the map around. You can also use the slider to change the diameters for the parts displayed.

Saving & Reseting your view

As you add parts to the map and create relationships, you can position them however you like on the map. Once you are happy with a certain arrangement of parts and their sizes, you can persist that view to come back to anytime. Hit “Save” to persist the current view and “Reset” to come back to that persisted view anytime. “Reset” always retrieves the last saved view.

Adding Parts

To add a part to the map, simply click on the blue (+) button on the bottom right corner of your screen. That opens up apage you can use to fill-in information about the part.


You can filter the map based on a set of attributes you are interested in seeing. Simply click on the “Filters” button to open up the filters screen.

Making Connections

To make a connection, tap on a part in the map and a pop-up menu will show up. From that pop-up, you can select “Parts” to connect that part with other parts, or slide the “Self connection” button to connect it to self.

Once you create the connection it will appear on the map as a line connection.


Still can’t find what you were looking for?

We want to make Sentur work for you. Send us your feedback and we will use it to improve the experience in our future release.