Part Details

At the very top you will find the name of your Part, as well as details like whether it is burdened or unburdened, what type of part it is and how old it is.

If you’ve added “What the part needs from you” or “What you need from this part”, it will show up right under the name of the part.

Main Functions

As in the picture above, there are three action buttons you can take on each part.

1. View Reminder or Set Reminder: Use it to set reminders to checkin with this part.

2. Update: Opens up the part editor so you can update any of its details like the image, color and add new observations to it.

3. Check-in Now. Walks you through a checkin with a timer and captures the observations for you at the end of the checkin to be added to the part list of observations.

Most Recent Check-in

This section lists out the last observation’s tags separated by each tag category so you can get a quick glimpse into your most recent communication with this part and how it felt.

This section also lists out other parts of your system that have connections with this part. If you click on “View Relationship”, it will open up the map view for you.

List of trailheads associated with this part. If you have any trailheads that you tagged with this part, they will show up in this section too. You can go directly to the trailhead by tapping it.

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