Self energy qualities

The main graph shows you the levels of Self energy qualities aggregated from your assessments for period segment. The tabs above determine the date range of the data. Tap on a tab to select it as the date range.

Set Reminder

On this screen, you can also set a reminder to do regular Self energy assessments by clicking “Set Reminder” in the top right corner.

Isolating qualities

Sentur allows you to dive deeper into your data and analyze single or multiple qualities of Self-Energy. Tap on quality to isolate it. You can select multiple qualities at a time. When a single quality is selected, a trend line is also shown for the period and quality selected.

Understanding Assessments

Once you actively start using Sentur you will accummulate historic data about you and your journey. The last 3 Self energy assessments you make along the way will appear at the bottom of the Self energy screen. Each Assessment includes a bar that visualises the average energy you’ve recorded in that assessment. The bar also includes a dark notch. This notch indicates the historic average. It allows you to compare the level of Self energy you’ve recorded in that particular assessment against the long-term average. To view your entire assessments history, click on the “View All” button.