Main Functions

Right below the name of the trailhead, there are three action buttons:

1. View Reminder or Set Reminder: Use it to set reminders to checkin with this trailhead.

2. Add Observation: Append an observation to this trailhead

3. Check-in Now. Walks you through a checkin with a timer and captures the observations for you at the end of the checkin to be added to the trailhead list of observations

Edit or Delete an Observation.

To edit or delete an observation, simple swipe left on the observation to reveal the action buttons for Edit or Delete.

Tags Color Coding

When having multiple observations with different tags over time, your own curiosity will be looking at how the tags are changing overtime. To help you quickly spot those changes, we utilize color coding with symbols to make intuitive.

Tags in Green shade are ones that have been deleted (strikethrough) or added (+) right to the left of the tag since the last observations.

Tags in Yellow are Parts tagged with this trailhead so to see what parts are up or not between observations.

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