My Trailheads

My trailheads screen is a list of all the trailheads you have created. Each card on the screen represents a trailhead that contain one to many observations regarding that trailhead.


Creating a Trailhead

To create a new Trailhead, simply tap on the blue plus button at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Filtering, Search and Sorting

Similar to Parts list, you can search, filter or sort the list of trailheads by different parameters to help you narrow down the list to specific areas of interest (i.e. specific keywords, tags..etc). To show the search bar, tap and drag down the screen.

Trailhead Tags Summary

Each trailhead tag card shows the name of the trailhead and the list of tags as per the last observation for that trailheads. Parts tagged with this trailhead will show in “Yellow”. The stacked paper stack icon on the top right corner indicates that the trailhead contains more than one observation.

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