Who is the Sentur app right for?


What situations will Sentur help with?

Sentur is an app designed for individuals who have or desire to step foot on their self-transformation journey.  What differentiates the self-transformation journey from other change journeys?  Well, to me, the self-transformation journey is for anyone who wants a real deep change from the inside out.  I like to say, “this work shifts your guts around.”  Which is different from a specific isolated item that needs to be tuned up.  We’re talking overhaul here.  Sentur helps with all kinds of situations.  There isn’t a situation it can’t help with.  It’s just a matter of how deep you want to go and how you want to look at it.


Who should download the app?

Individuals who are currently in therapy and have at least a brief understanding or experience with IFS, or Internal Family Systems.  Internal Family Systems is a model of psychotherapy, which basically means it’s a way of viewing the world and how to heal.  Similar to maybe a philosophy or spirituality in a way, but rooted in psychology and healing emotional wounds, and bringing people back to health through mental well-being.


What can you expect to achieve with the sentur app?

Plain and simple: Confidence, clarity, calm, connection, creativity, compassion, curiosity.  The 7 C’s.

One of my favorite sayings is “no one has the Swiss Army knife” and there is no way we would tout this app of being the Swiss Army knife of self-transformation.  It is a tool, a really freaking cool tool, that individuals can use as a companion on their journey to self-transformation.  Let’s run through how Sentur specifically brings about some of the 7C’s above.

Confidence: Having access 24/7 in the palm of your hand to continue your work started with your professional gives users the confidence to continue to connect with their journey in-between sessions.  Easy to access step-by-step guides, reminders, visual representations of your journey and helpful insights all continue to the feeling of confidence that users describe having Sentur in their hands.

Clarity: When we struggle emotionally, it is quite hard to see or sense what is going on and when we are healing.  There is no x-ray machine for shame, no PET scan for abuse (although we do know that each of these show up in the body in different ways!), so we are left to our subjective interpretations of our emotional well-being and it can be hard to articulate this to others and ourselves. This leaves us feeling sometimes like we are suffering with an invisible wound.  Sentur helps bring clarity to your journey as it is an incredible tool to get all that stuff that’s going on inside (emotions, beliefs, images, etc) outside through visual representation. You can actually SEE your different parts. You can SEE your healing through your journey with your trailheads (aka triggers). You can SEE your levels of self-energy and the trajectory over time. Seeing things from the inside on the outside helps bring a load of clarity when it feels like your life is on the spin cycle.

Hear more about how Sentur has impacted the journey of self-transformation in our testimonials.  (https://sentur.app/testimonials).


Do you have to already have a professional therapist to use sentur?

No, we don’t require people to sign a waiver saying that people HAVE to use Sentur with a professional.  However, doing this work on your own is pretty challenging at times.  I use this example all the time: Can I give myself a massage?  Yes, it is physically possible. I can rub certain parts of my body with my hands, maybe get fancy with a foam roller (although I never quite know how to use those things).  But, if I really want to relax and get a full body deep tissue massage, I’m going to see a massage therapist.  Likewise, I am also going to see a professional if I am injured in some way because without proper knowledge of how the body works I am very likely going to make the problem worse if I try a DIY approach to this.  Are there certain approaches that a physical therapist or massage therapist is going to encourage you to do daily so you can continue to work with your body in between sessions because they KNOW that you doing that will significantly impact your outcomes with how they work with you IN session?  Yes. The emotional “body” works the same way.

Can you do work like this on your own?  Yes, that’s possible using the same principles above.  However, if you really want to get the most out of your journey of self-transformation we encourage the work in AND out of session.  Sentur is not made to be a stand alone tool right now (stay tuned as we will be incorporating access to professionals IN the app in the future!).  Likewise, many people who are seeking help have an emotional injury (or several) and the use of a professional is essential to ensure further injury is not caused.


Who is the sentur app not right for (if anyone, but perhaps someone in extreme crisis)?

Continuing with the example from above, you wouldn’t call a physical therapist or a massage therapist if you broke your leg or need stitches, right? You’d go to the hospital! Sentur is the same way.  It is meant to support your journey in-between sessions with your professional, not replace your journey with your professional. And it is helpful with ALL situations you face (even really challenging ones) as long as it is being used in conjunction with a professional.

Sentur would also not be appropriate for someone does not subscribe to the concept that multiplicity is not-pathological.  What in the world does that mean?  In Internal Family Systems, we all believe that we are all made up of parts (sub personalities) and a core Self.  We do not see this as pathological.


A metaphor for the multiplicity example that I use often is an orchestra.  An orchestra is made up of instruments and a conductor. The inspiring and moving experience of the music is made up of the conductor PLUS the instruments.  In IFS we see a person the same way.  We see the conductor (the core Self) and the instruments (parts) as essential to a person’s being.  However, when things go awry, it is often the experience of chaos internally.  The experience is very similar to an orchestra where everyone is playing their own sheet of music as loud as they want, and there is no conductor.


Some lenses see multiplicity as pathological, so being that Sentur is inspired by the IFS model, it is important to note that someone who does not see themselves or others in this way would not find Sentur supportive.